General information

A consortium named "e-Commerce Connections is a common entrepreneurs’ initiative, directing its offer also to trade entities, among it entities functioning on the dynamically developing e- commerce market. This initiative was taken also by a business environment institution (Biznes i Nauka Sp. z o. o ) and a scientific unit - the Poznan University of Economics (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu), which will contribute to knowledge, competence transfer. They will also have the potential to probe into the business field.

The cooperation goal is to stimulate the Participants’ activity by development and promotion of intense contacts, usage of common technological resources, exchange of knowledge and experiences, contributing to technology transfer, creating connections’ network and giving access to the information possessed by the cooperation members’ or worked out within the cooperation by its Participants.

We direct our activity to:

  • Scientific and examination units – help in the range of commercializing scientific works; support in writing and coordination of large EU projects;

  • enterprises – making it easier to choose technological partners , participation in the
    needs chain, cooperation among the cluster participants, support in the range of market analyses, marketing and promotion, cooperation in the range of deliveries chain optimization,

  • business environment institutions- cooperating in the range of managing the co-operational connection, help in innovative solutions commercialization ,

The cooperation participants have a business activity in field connected with each other or completing one another, also in sectors connected with one another, among it particularly
in the range
of MŚP (micro, small and middle enterprises) , business environment and examination activities;


Activity directions

The project goal is to develop the cooperation of the scientific, business environment in the range of e-commerce activity. Our vision is a dynamic growth of the enterprises functioning in the e-commerce field from the Wielkopolska (Great Poland) region, basing on reliable knowledge of the scientific and development units. To achieve this goal we support building and realization of projects aiming at facilitating functioning entities from the e-commerce field, minimizing costs, increasing incomes, optimizing activity. In further perspective in the range of cooperation it will come to internationalization of the innovative services, addressed to the target field, worked out in the consortiums.


Infrastructural and competency resources

The Cooperation Members have the suitable competences, knowledge and equipment for efficient cooperation functioning and realizing its goals.

The Cooperation Manager is obliged among others to:

  • Work out and implement the Cooperation services, technologies and innovative products,

  • Give the Cooperation and its Participants’ materials, immaterial and legal values, equipment and assets, gained or produced by the Cooperation Manager,

  • Secure for gaining or giving help in gaining and financing professional counseling services for the Cooperation and its Participants, by third parties or by one Participants for the other Participants,

  • Actions increasing the level of Corporation’s and Participants’ innovativeness (among others technology transfer / know-how),


Informational activities

Cooperation Members are planning to organize at least 2 large field events this year. The planned conferences are to contribute to knowledge development among their Participants in the range of the cooperation idea itself and also knowledge about the goals and aims of the Cooperation "e-Commerce Connections".

Promotional actions of the Cooperation and its Participants aim also at gaining new partners, partners, customers, contracting parties and new enterprises to take part in the Cooperation;


Main rules of the cooperation connection functioning:

  • The head decision organ of the Cooperation is the Cooperation Representatives Council (hereinafter called “Cooperation Council” or abbreviated “the Council”).

  • The Council is composed of all Participants’ representatives.

  • Each of the Participants, within 7 days from signing this Agreement will designate a person, who will be responsible for contacts with the other Participants. To the Contact Person will be directed all notifications and other official writings and information passed on in connection with this Agreement and
    the Cooperation rise.

  • The Council chooses its President among its members.

  • The Council takes decisions in all issues important for the Cooperation,
    in particular after the end of calendar year it judges the activity of the Cooperation and the Cooperation President basing on a report, handed over to it.

  • The Council meetings will be organized when needed, but no more seldom than once in half a year.

  • The meetings are called and haired by the Council President at the notion of at least 30% of Participants or the Cooperation Manager.

  • The Participants will be notified by the cooperation Manager about the place, term and order of the Council’s meeting, at least 7 days before the designated meeting’s term. The notifications will be sent per e-mail to the designated contact person.

  • Changing the Council’s board does not demand making an annex to this Agreement about Cooperation creating, but only a written notification, made by the given Participant.

  • All Council decisions are taken with the majority of 2/3 votes given by the Council members, and by that the Council’s decision is legally valid, when in the vote took part at least a half of the Council Members amount.

  • In case of absence of any of the Council Members at the meeting, it can hand over its vote to the Cooperation Manager in writing, no later than 1 day before the term of the Council meeting.

  • The Council can work out and accept its work schedule.

  • The Cooperation Manager represents the Cooperation and operates it organizationally.

  • In particular it is a duty of the Cooperation Manager to secure for the secretary and office service of the Cooperation. In this range the cooperation Manager acts at its own discretion, keeping the rule of suitable care and observing the interests of
    Participants and the Cooperation.

  • After the end of calendar year, till the end of March of the next year, the cooperation Manager hands over to the Council a report from its activity in the year.

  • The Cooperation seat is the address of the Cooperation Manager.

  • There is no possibility to change the Cooperation Manager, which is the company SpeedUp IQbator Limited Liability Company with its seat in Poznań.

  • As a common forwarding address the Participants assume the address of the Cooperation Manager seat, i.e., the street Sadowa 32, 61-657 Poznań.


New ideas

The cooperation members respect the others work and creativity. That’s why we care particularly for that every new idea is left in the hands of its originator and is lead by him. The originator is the project leader, which allows Him to choose His partners and He decides about the way of project realization. The Controlling Team is responsible for the operational management of Cooperation functioning, understood among others as: organizing work of development and implementing teams, searching for partners, customers and the possibility to establish cooperation with third parties and establishing cooperation with MŚP (micro, small and middle) enterprises in the country and with business environment institutions, examination and development centers, but also economic institutions and units, being no Participants in the realization of the designated tasks, but also taking actions connected with searching their financial sources.


Basic information about the Co-operative Connection

An Agreement about creating co-operative connections was signed on the 29th. August 2011.

Main goals of bringing the Cooperation into existence:

  • Increasing the Participants’ competitiveness and innovativeness through an efficient transfer of knowledge, contacts, references and technologies between the Participants and their customers or contracting parties,

  • Securing for favorable conditions to work and disseminate new service, technological, production and organizational solutions,

  • Making an easier access to financing sources, applying for the means from the EU and operational programs

  • Increasing innovativeness of enterprises from the region Wielkopolska (Great Poland) through the Participants’ cooperation with business environment institutions, examination and development centers, high schools, community authorities and enterprises not being Participants,

  • Overcoming administration and legal barriers,

  • Introducing new and innovative products and services on the EU market, among it
    particularly on the market of Wielkopolska,

  • Evoking synergy effect within the Participants’ cooperation,

  • Restricting risk connected with introducing by the Participants innovative services or products,

  • Increasing the Participants’ knowledge and skills resources,

  • Facilitating cooperation between the Participants and external institutions,
    among other from abroad,

  • Facilitating informal contacts and access to scientific, technical and business information,

  • Promoting the Participants’ offer.